Collection: Kingsland breeches and tights for men

Men Breeches 
Arguably one of the most important parts of (equestrian wear.) Here at Kingsland, they are designed with riding in mind. Whether you like to ride for hours a day or just once in a while, a pair of Kingsland breeches will remain steadfast in our quality and design. We make our breeches with a host of materials, grips, detailing, and decorations which makes it hard to have just one favorite pair. Whether you’re looking for full grip, knee grip, or tights, we have breeches in men’s, women’s, and children’s. Our tights come in women’s and children’s sizing with designs that will be hard to say no to.

Kingsland Quality
Our breeches are designed to fit your figure and move with you, allowing the feeling of total freedom when you’re (riding.) We use fabrics with 2-way or 4-way stretch that will hold up and throughout wash cycles and keep their shape. We offer breeches that are water-resistant, wind-resistant, and double-layered to help keep you warm. At Kingsland, we design breeches with a luxurious feel and modern design to help you feel comfortable during the (most stressful times of training or competition, when you would really need to focus.

It’s crucial that our breeches are breathable and come with quick-drying technology, we even offer breeches that are dust and grease repellent, so you are always left looking your best, no matter (what the horse kicks up/dirt at the track/or horse things that cause grease.) We care about the details, and we create every piece of clothing with passion and innovation. Our breeches come in a gorgeous selection of colors and fabrics with fashionable buttons, discrete embroidery, and striped piping for a pop of color, or glitter-lined pockets and waistbands for an extra flair.

Full Grip for Men
At Kingsland, we’ve designed our full grip breeches to help you with (event and dressage any other riding that is good for full grip breeches.) Some of our breeches have a contrasting design in the inner thighs and knees that is decorated tastefully with the signature Kingsland logo. We have wide waistbands and a comfortable selection of rises to choose from. We also have modern, sporty breeches with pockets that hide the buttons under the flaps so that you can carry your cellphone or other personal items and don’t have to worry about losing them on your ride. 

Our wide range of different grips will help you choose the best and most comfortable (for whatever even you need them for). We have the silicone grip, which comes in a dot pattern or our famous logo pattern. We also offer breeches with knee leather, and if you’d rather skip the grips, you can find breeches that are without grip or leather. Our breeches come with full seat options as well as knee patch design and come in either technical or cotton fabric. Kingsland designs many of our breeches to come with dust, grease, and water repellent material. With a powerful 4-way stretch that is breathable and keeps its shape, and sizing available in men’s, women’s, and junior’s, you might feel like you’re dreaming when buying and wearing a pair of our breeches.