Collection: Kingsland Junior Outerwear

Jackets for Kids
At Kingsland, we are renowned for the quality and fit of our outer wear. Our roots are in Scandinavia, and our designers are familiar with the ever-changing weather and the harshness it can bring. Whether it is bone-chilling winds, snow, rain, or shine, our jackets can provide a luxury and warmth that will keep you comfortable in all types of weather conditions. We offer many select styles like bomber jackets, parkas, and rain coats so that you can look good and ride in any season. We also have unisex, men’s, women’s, and children’s designs, all styled with our signature Kingsland look. 

Choosing the right Kingsland jacket 
Here at Kingsland, we have many different types of junior jackets for all kinds of weather. In our collections, you’ll find a jacket to suit your every need, and even one that you might be missing! It’s a good idea when jacket shopping to think about what you’re missing, or what could be better. Perhaps you want some outerwear that is high quality, and will keep you warm but still complements your figure - we have luxurious, classic down coats in unisex, and men’s and women’s ranges.

Maybe you’re looking for a fashionable jacket that you can wear during cool nights or on rainy days. Our bomber jacket is sleek, and most of all, functional without compromising on looks. It remains breathable and water-resistant with quality zippers and sports the Kingsland logo to keep you looking sharp. We know you love to ride, and maybe compete, and winter shouldn’t stop you, so we have insulated riding coats for those brisk winter days. If you want to avoid getting wet in the rain, you can choose one of our rain jackets that are guaranteed to keep water out so that you can stay perfectly dry.

The Perfect Fit

Our selection of jackets is vast, and we offer many styles and fits so that you can find the one that speaks to you. If a jacket is too loose in some places and too tight in others, it can be difficult to stay warm and comfortable. Many of our models are unisex, as well as offered in men’s and women’s sizing, making it easier to find a fit that suits your shape.
Women’s jackets are designed to be wider at the hips and shoulders, and narrower at the waist to ensure a snug fit, which also looks good while providing warmth. Our men’s jackets are wider at the shoulders and narrower at the hips, while our unisex designs provide a balance to both; so, no matter what body shape you have, there will be something to fit you well without conforming to standard shapes and styles. At Kingsland, we also think children should look great while being dressed right to suit the season or weather. (We offer our jackets in junior sizes as well.)

Kingsland Quality 
Every product we make is designed with you in mind; often our jackets will be flexible and made with stretch fabric, or elastic waistbands and cuffs, so the clothes move with your body. We design our outerwear to be waterproof or resistant to wind and rain, which offers much versatility. We want you to keep comfortable so that you won’t be held back by restrictive clothing, so we use breathable fabrics. The sleeves on a Kingsland jacket are longer than on a regular fashion jacket to make sure they won’t ride up when you stretch your arms or ride leisurely. 
If it starts pouring down and you’re caught outside, our rain jackets offer a waterproof and windproof membrane with taped seams to ensure water won’t get in. We also know you need moisture to get out, which is why we have underarm ventilation to prevent body heat turning into humidity. Of course, for lighter showers, you can always pick up one of our water-resistant jackets that will ensure you keep dry and comfortable.

Down Jackets 
Kingsland down jackets come with either a standing collar or with a detachable hood. They come in several styles and are lightweight and made with various water-resistant, wind resistant, and breathable fabrics. Our sleeves end with an elasticated bands, or Lycra wind cuffs, to create a seal and prevent snow and rain from getting inside your jacket sleeves. All of our long jackets have quality 2-way zippers so that you can easily ride in it. Our main zipper is always YKK and comes with an adjustable draw cord on the waist to ensure an optimal fit. We also add our delicate embroidery, prints, labeling or patches, to give the product the Kingsland look and quality that you love. 
At Kingsland
No matter what you buy from us, we ensure that quality, comfort, and fashionability are at the forefront of every Kingsland design. We are inspired and run by equestrians and the sport we love so much. Sustainability will always be a priority of ours because our company is dedicated to outdoor sports and animals.