Flies, mosquitoes, and ticks can disrupt the peace and concentration needed for training, competitions, and trail rides. Worse yet, these insects carry diseases that pose a threat to both riders and horses. In response to this challenge, our latest collection of riding breeches has been innovatively designed with Tanatex® Insect Proof technology, a groundbreaking insect-repellent treatment.

The integration of Tanatex® into equestrian apparel offers numerous benefits to the rider:

  • Repels insects: Focus on your ride, not on mosquitoes. 
  • Peaceful outdoors: Enjoy training, competing, or riding without the constant battle against bugs. 
  • Durability and longevity: Effective for up to 100 washes, providing lasting value and protection. 
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  • About Tanatex®

    Tanatex® treatment, featuring permethrin— a compound recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a public health pesticide— acts as a powerful deterrent
    against insects.

    This substance targets the nervous system of insects upon contact. This strong defensive mechanism encourages insects to steer clear of anything coated with the treatment. Thus, riders and their equine partners can enjoy their outdoor activities with fewer interruptions and risks from flying pests.

    Permethrin, while lethal to insects, is harmless to humans and most warm-blooded animals, with the exception of cats, who can metabolize the chemical without adverse effects. This safety feature ensures that riders can comfortably wear their Tanatex®-treated breeches without concern for their own health or that of their horses.