Collection: Kingsland Women Showshirts

Women Show Shirts 
You deserve to feel and look your best (at competition day), that’s why we specialize in making comfortable, modern show clothes here at Kingsland. The day of the competition can be stressful enough, so why add to the stress? At Kingsland, we’re (horse people that make clothes for horse people) and have put forth great effort into the materials, design, and functionality of our show shirts. Our designs are unique, and we know how vital it is to dress appropriately, which is why we have a wide selection of show shirts for you to choose from - in men’s and women’s.

Kingsland Design
A well-fitting show shirt is vital when you compete. Clothes that restrict or irritate you can be distracting and unpleasant, and during (competitions like horse jumping, etc.) when you’re required to be on the move, temperature control is the utmost necessity. Kingsland shirts are made to be breathable with a stretch fabric designed to move with your body instead of holding you back. We offer shirts that are made with a quick-dry material to wick moisture away from your skin so that you can work harder and without the sweat.
Our shirts come in sleeveless, short-sleeved, and long-sleeve options, and shirts that come with UV protection to keep you safe in the sun. We make our clothing with delicate and intricate details that highlight the luxurious look Kingsland is known for. We offer a variety of styles that have exposed buttons or hidden buttons behind plackets because we want you to have the freedom to choose what fits your look. We want you to look your best, so you can continue feeling your best. 

Lending a helping hand
You will want a show shirt that lets you have the freedom to move and want a shirt that is moisture-wicking, with built-in stretch. You will also want something that is exceptionally comfortable with some wiggle room across the bust and back of the shoulders to allow you to achieve the best riding position. Our clothes are made with a flattering fit, and our collars should lay neatly and fit snugly without feeling restrictive. We also have a selection of elegant show shirts and jackets for children so that your children can (compete, train) with the same comfort and luxury that you’re familiar with. 
And don’t forget to accessorize with Kingsland properly. We have a great selection of elegant accessories that you can browse through. Our choice for women here( and if you’re looking for men’s accessories, it can be found here.( 

Ladies’ Show shirts 
Kingsland show clothes for women come in fresh and bright colors, as well as timeless ones. Our detailing on the shirts is delicate and feminine, but we also have something for those of you who like to shine. Our shirts come with buttons that snap front and back, with crystal detailing along the sleeves or collar. We also have show shirts that come with glittery tape on the placket that will make you feel glamorous or embroidered signatures and logos so that you can show off your favorite brand.
We have pastels and mixed fabrics to give a luxurious look, and we make our clothes fitted to complement your figure. From materials that specialize in wicking away moisture or fabrics with built-in UV protection, we want you to have the choice of what will best suit you (during a show, performance, etc.). Whether you are hunting for something colorful, or something more neutral, you will always be comfortable and ready to (hit the ring, stable, etc.) when wearing our clothing. 

Our Values
We want you to wear our clothing with pride, confidence, and flair. We know you care about animal welfare, and as (equestrian fans, horse lovers, etc.) we make sure to do our part in the responsibility for animal welfare. No matter what you purchase, we ensure quality, comfort, and sustainability. We use recyclable packaging in our materials and anti-mold protection, and you can read more about our commitments here.(
We are (riders creating designs for riders,) and we are passionate about making you look good and feel good. Women