Collection: Kingsland Mens Fleece

Kingsland Fleece
Keep out of the cold during fall and winter with a luxurious fleece sweater or jacket. Fleeces are perfect for all kinds of outdoor adventures, which makes them very practical for riding. Fleece, like softshell, remains a versatile choice, as it can be a great outdoor jacket or worn for other occasions. Fleece provides great warmth and can be worn in the summer after the sun goes down and the temperatures drop. You can also layer it under a softshell or rain jacket as the fleece keeps in your body heat (fitted fleece does not feel bulky under layers). 
Fleece provides a luxurious feel while keeping you cozy and relaxed. Our models have both hood and standing collars, and the fabric can be a heavy Thermolite for winter or a lightweight for summer. We offer a choice of brushed and non-brushed fleece with fitted jackets or straighter designs. Kingsland fleece jackets have vivacious color combinations for those of you who like to stand out from the crowd, and we also have more neutral toned jackets if you like something more low-key. We want our jackets to be functional, sporty, and fashionable, keeping you comfortable and enabling you to move freely when doing the thing you love. 

Fun with Fleece
Fleece is durable and quick drying, and Kingsland offers fleeces that have a little fluff to them, or something sleek and silky smooth. Whichever design you choose, we want you to be comfortable and look good. Whether you want a fitted fleece to wear as a base layer, or a more relaxed fit to wear over a tee shirt, you can dress up our fleece while still keeping your look minimal. Wear a fleece jacket under an overcoat with slim black pants and a pair of tennis shoes for a sporty, relaxed and well put-together look. Or sport a fleece pullover with a pair of chinos and a chunky sneaker to look classic, clean, and cozy.
Fleece is also great for children due to the soft, comfortable nature of the material, but the best part is its quick-drying properties and durability. Let your children be out longer to train or compete without the worry that their clothes are holding them back. 
Our fleeces are environmentally friendly because we don’t only consider functionality, versatility and durability, but also – and essentially - sustainability. There is no reason for good quality gear to be at the expense of animals or the environment. You can read more about our values here: