Collection: Women's jackets

Our riders jackets and softshell jackets are versatile, warm, and comfortable while keeping the Kingsland look and quality you love. Whether it’s a cool summer evening or a chilly spring afternoon, we don’t want the weather to stand in your way when you’re outside. Our softshell jackets are water-resistant, breathable, and stylish, and a design that you can keep on hand throughout the year. Our luxurious fleece will keep you warm and can easily be layered to be fashionable and practical. No matter if you’re taking care of the horses or training for a competition, our jackets will not hold you back.

Kingsland Softshell
We wanted our softshell to be sporty and stylish without compromising on comfort. They are made with a breathable fabric that is water and wind resistant. Our softshell jackets come in a variety of colors, and we use a 3-layer knitted softshell fabric with a straight-standing collar or a hood. We use YKK or similar quality zippers, and the two front pockets are closed with zippers to ensure you won’t lose your belongings. A softshell jacket is perfect in light showers and will protect you against the wind, so you are dry and comfortable while riding.
At Kingsland we have a great selection of softshells for men, women, and children, so you don’t have to worry about shopping around; you can dress your whole family in the brand you trust. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor jacket when you’re going around the track, or something you can wear every day, we bring a touch of elegance to outerwear. 

Keeping Comfortable
When you want to get out in nature whatever the season, it’s always nice to have a smart all-round jacket on hand. It’s even better to grab one that holds up in sudden weather changes. Softshell jackets are light, wind-repellent, and made with a comfortable stretch to ensure comfort. They are an ideal garment for spring and fall when the weather can be unpredictable and turn on a dime, but can still be worn throughout the year. Kingsland softshell jackets can be layered or stand on their own. On a colder day, you can wear a warm fleece under a softshell jacket to fight the frigid winds. 
Kingsland’s lightweight and comfortable softshell jacket designs don’t restrict your movements while keeping water and wind at a distance. We design our jackets to be versatile and want them to feel and look good when you’re active. Although they are water resistant, they remain breathable, unlike traditional rain jackets. When you start to sweat, you will remain comfortable, as your body moisture will evaporate without you even realizing it; you will be left feeling dry even when you’re training hard or riding hard. Your children can wear softshell jackets too, which will give them plenty of freedom for beginner lessons, even if they’re out in a little rain or wind.