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Socks and Footwear
We are famous for our thin show socks, and they have become a staple and fan favorite of any Kingsland rider. Socks are essential and serve several purposes like protection from your footwear, transporting sweat away from your feet, promoting circulation, and keeping your feet warm. We have a variety of socks in various styles, colors, and designs to choose from, all made with materials that will promote circulation, drying, and comfort - depending on your specific needs. Add our footwear and boots to your Kingsland collection that are perfect and stylish for any (ride).

Kingsland From Head to Toe
We know you’re aware of how important a well-made and good-quality pair of socks for (horseback riding, performing) can be. Riding boots can lack breathability and leave your feet feeling sore, and the wrong pair of socks can cause a lot of pain and frustration, and who needs that in the midst of a (competition or show?) It’s vital to have a sturdy and comfortable pair of socks for horse riding, or you can wind up with sweaty, blistered feet.

A good pair of riding socks has to suit your needs and be able to fit comfortably inside your (riding boot, shoe.) Every pair of socks we make at Kingsland is designed to fit pleasantly and effortlessly inside your (riding boot, footwear.) Our socks have a double layer of knit fabric on the welt to ensure a better fit and appearance. We have a broad range of colors and designs, whether it be glittery and eye-catching, or neutral and warm - no matter what sock you choose, you will be met with the craftsmanship and quality you love.

For Every Season
We design some of our socks with unique elements for any season. It’s vital that the socks you wear will continue to insulate despite if it gets wet and that it’s naturally antibacterial. Our wool socks are unisex and will keep you dry and warm during cold and humid winter months. We know it can be hard to find the right fit, which is why they’re also made to fit in tight riding boots.
Our knee socks with Coolmax have moisture management technology and feel comfortable and natural when you’re wearing inside riding boots or chaps. They keep their softness and light-weight feeling, even after multiple wash cycles and wears. They are perfect for warmer months or humid days. We at Kingsland know you don’t want to wait to (mount your horse for a ride, get back to riding, etc.), so we also offer compression socks to support circulation and keep you pain free (post ride.)

Kingsland's Materials
One of the most essential qualities of (equestrian socks) is the material, and the materials we use are designed to promote the most luxurious, fashion-forward, and comfortable wear. We choose lightweight fabrics so you won’t have to work harder and materials that offer softness, thermal regulation and are odor-free. For the winter, some of our cotton blend or wool blend socks would be perfect for fighting the chilly winds or snow. Wool is naturally resistant to the onset of odor build-up, and has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Cotton is known to hold its shape better, is hypoallergenic, is naturally sustainable, and is odor-free.
Our socks that feature Coolmax have moisture management technology and are perfect for wearing riding boots or chaps. They offer superior comfort and retain their softness and light-weight feeling even after multiple washes. Compression socks have been known to speed up recovery time and enable you to push harder during (training times, practice etc.), and so naturally, we have designed a compression sock that looks and feels luxurious.

Other Footwear
We offer a selection of footwear for your (riding/all your equestrian) needs. They are elegantly designed to be functional while keeping your feet fashionable. From a gorgeous, reliable riding boot to a classic rubber boot with signature branding and a heel made for riding. You can find a wide selection of footwear on our site that is made with the quality you know and love.
We also offer classic riding leggings for ladies, designed with a warm knitted wool mix layer on the upper thigh and hips, while the calves are made with nylon for breathability. This combination ensures moisture management while still keeping heat retention for those cooler months.
Need more? Try some of our stylish boot bags to keep your boots safe and dry with water-resistant fabric here( We also offer footwear for your horse. Click here( to find out more about our protection boots.

Here at Kingsland
No matter what you’re looking for, we have you covered from head to toe. We are passionate about equestrian sport and are created by riders to ensure your needs are met without compromising on style, luxury, or sustainability.