It’s all about 3 layers

As equestrians, we know how important it is to feel comfortable in any weather, which makes mastering the art of layering crucial. The key is the three-layer technique. It contains: 

  • Base Layer

    Must be soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking to keep sweat at bay – just like our training T-shirts and shirts. 

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  • Mid Layer

    Lightweight warmth is essential. Our thin, zippered jackets, like the KLhindy, are easy to put on and take off depending on your needs. 

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  • Outer Layer

    We recommend jackets with chest insulation for warmth and soft sleeves for full mobility. Our KLheather and KLholley jackets will give you this and a flattering silhouette with their sleek, modern design. 

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Kingsland rainwear

Do not let rain ruin your ride! See our collection of rainwear here. Whether unexpected downpour during your ride or if your washing your horse - Kingsland rainwear keeps you dry!